(Updated May 2013)

Sports-health.com is committed to providing you with premium quality, comprehensive and unbiased health information. While we are a for-profit business that accepts and is supported in part by sponsorships and paid advertising, we recognize the importance of maintaining a clear separation between our editorial content and sponsorships. All advertisements and sponsored content are clearly marked as such on the site.

Unlike much of the health information available on the Internet, we believe that clear separation between the editorial content and sponsorships/advertising is essential to providing accurate and unbiased information. We are also selective in the sponsors and advertising we accept.

Our sponsorship and advertising policy, which applies to Sports-health.com and our newsletters, is as follows:

Sports-health.com maintains a clear separation between editorial and sponsorship/advertising process and decision making; current or potential sponsors and advertisers may not dictate the form or substance of the editorial content appearing on Sports-health.com.

  • Sports-health.com does not represent any sponsored or advertised content on the site as Sports-health's own editorial content.
  • Sponsor and advertiser messages and content are clearly identified.
  • We will clearly distinguish sponsorships and advertisements from health information content, using identifying words (such as "sponsored," "advertiser," etc.), design, or placement. Sports-health.com readers should be able to readily distinguish between promotional and editorial material.
  • Sports-health.com does not endorse the content of any third-party website. Sports-health.com is not responsible for the content of links, third-party sites, or third-party advertisements or claims, and does not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy.
  • Sports-health.com does not endorse any products or services advertised on Sports-health.com or in its newsletters.
  • All new sponsorships and advertisements, or changes to sponsorship and advertising arrangements, are subject to approval by Sports-health.com in its sole discretion.
  • Sports-health.com reserves the right to remove a sponsorship or advertisement message from the site if Sports-health.com decides (in its sole discretion) that it does not comply with Sports-health.com's standards or is otherwise objectionable to Sports-health.com.
  • Sports-health.com reserves the right to decline sponsorship or advertising of any kind, and will not accept advertising that, in Sports-health's opinion, makes unsubstantiated claims of therapeutic benefit for specific products or treatments, contains false or misleading information, that is known to be harmful to health (e.g., tobacco products), or other reasons deemed objectionable by Sports-health.com.

If you have any questions about this sponsorship and advertising policy, please contact us.