ACL injury

I tore my ACL a few years ago. The orthopedic specialist did an MRI and said I should probably have surgery. I did not have the money so I declined. They advised me to be careful and not do any cutting motions or sudden stops. A couple of years later I reinjured my leg and went to a new specialist. He prescribed me a knee brace and nothing more but again, I didn’t have the money for it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago playing kickball my leg bent sideways and made a very audible cracking noise. Everyone around could hear it and they thought I broke my leg. I got xrays done with the same specialist and he said it’s imperative I get the brace this time.

The only thing is, this time something feels way wrong. I can’t straighten or bend my knee. Normal walking puts a crazy amount of pressure on my knee and I can feel a tightness inside. Stairs are an absolute no go. I never had trouble with any of those things before. It seems like the doctor didn’t look at these last xrays and just assumes it’s the same as before. I referee soccer as a part time job and would like to keep doing that but there is no way I can walk a long distance let alone running as much I would need to. Am I just crazy? I can feel that something is way worse than before and a brace will not help with it. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I get a second opinion? Why did they do an MRI the first time then xray this last time?



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    As far as I'm concerned, second even third opinions takes the guessing out of it. But please takes your copies of your X-rays and MRI with you. And no, you are not crazy but you do need to find an answer.
    Take care and keep us posted.

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