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Calcaneus Anterior Process fracture post surgery

i had surgery in 2005 to remove the anterior process fracture that initially happened in 2002 after refractueing the same piece. For years following surgery I still deal with constant mild discomfort in ideal situations. But waking on the beach (uneven ground) really gets me sore and in pain for days. My orthopedic surgeon noticed over 10 years ago I developed a different gain due to starting to walk more flat footed on my injured R foot. Any advise or direction I can take this pain. Fairly recently I have become much more active and notice that the injury is much more uncomfortable when I am running (on treadmill) but started playing basketball more as well. Removing running from my fitness plan is not an option. Do I turn to another orthopedist? Podiatrist? ???

Thanks in advance



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    hello tdunk!

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    what about a physical therapist? if you have not seen a specialist lately, it might be a good idea to get another opinion.

    good luck and keep us posted.

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