Minimal degenerative fraying is noted within the posterior horn of the lateral miniscus


I wanted to post my story here as this process has been very frustrating to go through. I have tried to google it but many scenarios are for a torn meniscus.

The title of this post is what the 'impression' was on my MRI results. My knee has so much pain that I am not able to run or play sports as I normally would 3/4 times/week.

I got this injury from playing soccer and someone ran into my knee as it was planted and it hyperextended. For the next 3 or 4 months, it went unnoticed, no pain or limits to playing sports. Then I slowly started feeling pain during one of my volleyball games. I have had no prior significant injury so I thought it was something that would just go away...It didn't and now I am going on 9 months where I haven't been able to play sports.

I first went to the Dr. who sent me to the physiotherapist who basically gave me a bunch of stretches that I did every day for 2 months, after literally zero pain relief I said this isn't working, I need to look deeper into the issue. I have a scope appointment booked in a couple of weeks but just wanted to post my story to see if there is something that i'm not doing. This has been a long, frustrating process and I just want to get better

Thanks for any helpful answers you may have..




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