So many professional athletes with long term injuries

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This is something I have been thinking about for the past couple of years.

Today it seems that more and more professional athletes are going on the injured list for long periods of time.

I remember 10, even 5 years ago, when a player when down with an injury, they were shutdown for perhaps the 10 days and many came back before then.   And they came back and played the rest of the season without any problems.

Now, just look at professional baseball.   Especially the Yankees.  I am a total diehard NY fan, but I have to say this year there just seems to be too many players going on the injured reserve list.    Look at Aaron Judge.  I think he is an outstanding ball player, one of the best in this current era.   BUT, the past three seasons he has always spent time on the Injured list, and they were never short time.

I recall Yankees from the late 1990 and early 2000, when they went down, they came back quickly.   WHAT and WHY is there a difference today? 

Could it be because athletes today a so big and muscular that the are prone to injuries and injuries take longer to heal.

I dont know, but there has to be some logical reason

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    I think this is a two part thing, I believe you are right about them being all muscled up, much more than the generation before.

    My oldest son actually played college baseball, so I was around a few pro scouts and was able to talk with a few of them over the 4 years, one of those dealt with injuries comparing the pro guys with the college kids, he basically said that when a so called star gets hurt that they were babied so much and ownership wanted to make sure no further injuries would happen because of the dollars involved, it made sense to me.


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