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Number of concussion

dilaurodilauro New Milford, CT 06776Posts: 35
I know with the recent movie Concussion there has so much talk about the long term impacts about this head trauma.

I played football in the last 1960's  There was no such thing as conditioning or sound equipment.  I remember our coaches telling us to lift as may weights and as much every day, even several times a day.   I still have nasty stretch marks that demonstrate that evil.

But on the field itself.  My couch would tell me to point my head directly into the other players head and make FULL Contact.   Oh that worked, the opponent was down and out for a bit, but so was I.. I remember my fingers being so numb I couldnt feel them.  But the coach patted me on the back and said great job DO IT AGAIN

Needless to say, all of this  had a big impact on my spine. All of my doctors have pinpointed those early days as the start of damaging my spine.

But that has been taken care of, sure 7 spinal surgery 4 joint surgeries, 1 Achilles, etc  but my brain is the same as it was back then.... or is it?
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