Inner ankle pain

I've had a nagging pain below my inner ankle for 3 months. It started after a run. MRI did not show much, and I'm able to rise up on my toes with no pain. The longer I'm on my feet, the worse it feels. I'm getting a nerve test next week to rule out Tarsal Tunnel. Any other ideas out there? It also gets irritated when I swim and cycle. Thank you.


  • hello mckenna!

    i personally have not dealt with ankle problems before so i don't have a clue.
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    I, for one, would be very interested to hear the results of your nerve test!......if you wouldn't mind keeping us posted.....?
    So many symptoms can overlap and be from different causes.

    For me, my right  ankle pain is caused by my lower spine issues.

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  • mckenna

    I was curious to know what the results were of the nerve test you had done.
    I do hope it was all good but would be good to know what is going on.
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