Achilles problems 2x

I was surfing the web searching how to heal and recovery fast, course i'm on a injury streak out of hell.

Now it's a pretty long story, so i'll try to shorten it up much as i can

2.5 years ago i tore my right achilles tendon a bit, while running sprints, like 10% no idea how much really, but it didn't tear completely. I thought it was nothing and i kept on running skipping, sparring, i train thaiboxing and i had a fight coming, so i was commit.

Right, after the fight i took a lot of time of to recover, and after some time it got worse, i got a HVI injection, it's like 95% salt water and 5% adrenocortical hormone, then i was ordered strength training, buy the physicist, slowly. And it worked, after a few months with this, i slowly started running, it was good. Then i toke  break, doing nothing at all for some months, and the injury came back with a vengeance, and it been here ever since, had 100% adrenocortical hormone injection, and i was told to relax and start strength training again, and i did. It did not work, maybe course i did sand bag boxing on the side, it requires semi stress on the achilles, i did it slow and light thou.  My right tendon is still sore all the time and i get a small lump on it from time to time, i can massage it away and treat it with cold/hot and various type of creams. But its still weak and sore.

Well it gets worse. course of my problems with the right achilles tendon, i overloaded my left i think, and it snapped over 100% while kicking the bag, it sprung over when i sat my foot down.  I'm now sitting at home after a surgery and can't move. 

I would like your advice for both problems, then on going problem with the right, and how to heal and recovery fast with my left, after my cast gets off. 

I love sport, and i want to continue,  at any lvl, for fun, semi pro, or pro. The later to be prefered 

Best regards Asbjørn Andersen



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    Achilles Tendons are a very serious matter.

    About 4 years ago, I jumped off a tractor landed on my left ankle.  Had quite a sprain.   This went on/off for a couple of years, but never really getting better.  I was put into a boot and had physical therapy for about 4 weeks.  Didnt change all that much.  

    Finally, I went to a foot surgeon with my X-rays and MRI.   The answer, was to perform a reconstructive surgery of my left Achilles tendon.  Because there was not much tendon around, the surgeon had to slice off some up my calf and foot, then used a screw for an anchor to put it together.   Its very close to the surface.

    At the time, the surgeon asked about my sports activities. He nixed anything to do with a lot of stop/starting (ie Tennis)  He also suggested that I retire from my retirement job as wine manager.  Standing on my feet for long periods of time was not going to be good for my ankle, nor the rest of my spine.

    Its been since 2015 and my ankle is the best its going to get, which is fine with my current lifestyle.

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  • hello asbjornandersen!

    welcome to sports health

    sounds like you've been through a lot but now is the time to take it easy and let it heal.
    after researching achilles surgery it sounds like you need to let it completely heal, however long it takes. if it doesn't heal properly, when you walk, you will always be putting more pressure on the right ankle. but you didn't let the right ankle heal properly, from what i read.
    i think the best thing you could do is lay off kicking for a while.
    go to the top right of the page to the search box and key in achilles surgery or recovery, whatever relates to your situation. this forum has a vast array of articles and videos on just about anything.

    while you are waiting for other members to reply, please click on the welcome link below for more information.
    take care and keep us posted.

    welcome to sports-health and how to use the sysem

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  • Thanks for the replys i have now gotten my cast of the achilles tendon which had surgery, it seems fine. I'm now starting the two week slow adjustment with out cast after that i can bicycle and walk around a lot with out crutches.

    This is my left

    Now the right, which with it all started from, relaxing doesn't seem to work quite the opposite, when i do relax for more then a few days, with no work what so ever, it becomes extremely sore, and seems fragile even more.

    Not really sure what to do here, i contacted some physiotherapist and i hope they can make some sense and guide lines for me. Even thou i been to them before ( not the same ones) ... with mixed result

  • Great to hear from you and thanks for the update. I am so glad you got the cast off, that has got to be a relief.
    As far as the right, I think you did the right thing regarding calling PT and getting their advise as what would be the best thing to do. You certainly don't want to mess this one up.

    Please keep us posted on what you find out and take care of those ankles!! 

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