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its or lateral meniscus tear?

Hi, I have a lot of pain in the outside of my right knee, as well as the right side of the back of my knee. I have a lot of trouble bending my knee and sometimes the outside of my knee is swollen, esp. after I practice. My Athletic trainer said I have IT Band Syndrome, but I read that if I foam roll on my IT band with ITBS I should be in immense pain? Also I read that ITBS is more of a prolonged injury I know exactly when I got my pain. My pain started after a game and I could barely walk or bend my knee, that was 2 weeks ago. I am coping with the pain for the most part, I can walk with my pain at like a 5 stairs are a 7 and practice is a full on 10. So my question is does it sound more like IT band syndrome or a lateral meniscus tear?



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    have you had your doctor do any diagnostic test to see exactly what it is?
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