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Pain in the side and back of the knee

7 months ago I tore my rigth achilles. The rehab went really good, I feel like it recovered 100%., but bechause I did not had anyone to warn me as soon as I started to feel allrigth I started training again, and what happened is that I replaced one injury with another.

About 3 months ago when I started to train again I experienced pain in the side and back of the rigth knee, from movements where I have to extend my leg.

I went to a fysotherapist with it at the begining, and we found ot that my rigth quad became extremly tigth probably from coming back too fast from zero training to training at maximum intensity. Then I got an exercise on a ball to roll the quad, but I got also some extra help from the therapist by pushing my leg into the ball. After we were done I was completley satisfied, my pain went away like it was magic.

But when I did it at  home alone things were really different, I had only a foam roller, and no one to help me by pushing my leg, so basically it stopped working,and I didn't really knew why. I kept training, and evrything got worse, I tryed rolling with a barbell,stretching, hot/cold treatment and full rest for more than a month. I could only relase the pain  to a level where I can move my leg without any resistance on it, with no pain. so I just have no chance on doing a pain free squat,ot lunge.

I got information from one of my friends who knew about someone having the seme kind of issue. I contacted the guy immediately, but he said that the pain for him wasn't really serious, he kept training thorougth it, the only thing he did was to activate the glutes more and it took the pressure off of the quad.

I tryed to do the same thing, and it kinda worked at bodyweight and small loads,but when I need to flex the quad a bit more seriously the pain comes in. So I think the first step has to be to fix the quad, and then activating the glutes to not overload the quads.

Actually to this point it sounds like I know what is the problem, but I'm actually full of doubts, If my quad is causing all the trouble then more then one month of full rest,stretching and rolling why didin't helped it? It could be something wrong on the area where I feel the pain... I don't know.

With the amount of research I did about it for me t seems like it is not a very common injury, but if any of you had something like this,or know about someone who had the same issue I would be very greathful if you'd let me know what helped you the most!

Also If somebody would have an idea about how to deal with a crazy tigth muscle, and what else I can do with it I would really apreciate any advice.

Thank you!



  • Bojtebarni
    Welcome to Sports-Health

    Are you sure you haven't damaged the quad muscle?  If it were me, I would get a doctor's opinion on this.
    Most injuries after surgery are due to overdoing things too soon. Just because you feel better does not mean you are healed.
    While you are waiting on other members to reply, please click on the Welcome link below for more information.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Sports-Health Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • memerainvolt

    Thank you for the reply!

    I'm not sure. I will go to a doctor for te first time in 5 days.

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  • You are welcome!
    I'm really interested to know what your doctor will say. So please keep us posted.

    Sports-Health Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • Sorry for the following, but I'm not english or american, and I can't translate this really well.

    So the doctor said that there went something wrong with the meniscus, cartilage has changed.

    I have to rest for 2months and take medicine.

    I will go to another one or two doctors, just to make sure .

  • You are doing fine translating, don't worry about it.
    I am glad to know you will see another doctor.
    Let me know when you do.

    Sports-Health Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
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