Shoulder pain day after heavy chest workout

Hi everybody I'm new to this forum and reaching out to you guys from Yemen, originally a former pro basketball player in the UK but living the bedouin life out here now.

Right,  two weeks ago I did a heavy chest workout and that same evening I played basketball, after which I had no pain then the next morning  I woke up and the front deltoid was absolutely killing me and it was a little swollen too I rested my shoulder for a complete week as well as no weights and did some therapy at a physio, unfortunately the pain is there.

I have been on YouTube and done the tests for rotator cuff tears etc and have passed all of the with success, the only time my shoulder is really still hurting now is when I bench press with the barbell or dumbells.

My arm feels heavier but most actions and rotations I can do.

I can send pic or video if needs be.

Any information would be greatful bearing in mind the knowledge of such injuries here is very scarce.

Thank you



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