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Lightheadness and weakness

Hello everyone

I’ve been experiencing the following symptoms for several weeks and was hoping if someone could advise me, I have leg weakness and a light weightless head which lasts all day. Along with this I experience shaking and sweating. As far as I can remember this happened after exercise? Is this due to glycogen deleption? If so how do I recover quickly from this? Any tips would be deeply appreciated 




  • hello asd1
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    i researched "glycogen depletion" and below is what i found.

    after glycogen stores have been depleted and before gluconeogenesis kicks in, an athlete may experience symptoms of hypoglycemia, which occurs when blood glucose levels are low. during hypoglycemia, a person may feel extreme fatigue anda near complete loss of energy, often referred to as "bonking"

    since this is happening you might want to check with your doctor and let him what is going on.

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