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Re-injured knee after ACL reconstruction?

In November I blew out my knee. My ACL was destroyed and I had a meniscal tear. Both were fixed in surgery in December. I'm at about 13 weeks post op. My doctor and physical therapists all said I was healing faster than normal and I was doing great in physical therapy. I had full range of motion by about 10 weeks. Unfortunately I don't have insurance anymore. (It's complicated) but last week I slipped and fell back onto my foot with my knee bent. This forced my heel into my rear harder than was comfortable at all. I never felt anything bust or pop but my knee particularly on the back side hurt for a couple days. Now, a week later, I still have lost ROM. I can't bend my knee past probably 140°, not even close to my but anymore. It's very tight and uncomfortable especially around the outside of the back of my knee. Did I injure something else? Since I don't have insurance anymore I'm afraid of having to go back to the doctor. Thanks.



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  • William GarzaWWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 4

    I had ACL,MC repair done

    Evey now and then I had accidents where I would fall or tweak my knee up

    Rom would go out the window for about  week or two before returning back to it's normal limited range

    Swelling and loss of range,hot pain in back were normal for me.

    But as always ,a docs examination and conclusions are best...ins not withstanding,there  may be programs from the state or county you can apply for?

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  • It’s so eerie how identical my current story is... the literal only difference is that I tore mine this September and got surgery in October. But I kid you not, tonight, 13 weeks out, slipped and landed exactly as you described. Also now without insurance. And today was the last day of my global period where I could see the doctor without having to pay. So I’m curious what ever came about for you...... I’m terrified that I re-tore it. But I’m really hoping it is just like William described, being sore and swollen with limited rom for just a few weeks (max)... 

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