I knee'd help!

I'm not sure of the cause, it may have been a hit to the knee or possibly just built up over time, but my outer knee started to hurt me. It really resembled ITBS, so I've been resting it. Then the other day I did a yoga class and hours later, after sitting down for a drink with a friend, I started to walk home and I could feel a sharp shock through  my knee. Closer to the outer side but more above the patella. each shock stops me in my tracks and I lose stability briefly. I got a deep tissue massage (and the therapist said my ITB was tight). I'm concerned there is something more to it. Anyone experience something similar? What's the recovery time?



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    have you seen a specialist yet? it may be tight or inflamed. but to ease your mind i would definitely see someone.

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    please keep us posted.

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  • Well i hope your injury got rejuvenated back to full healthy, so i hope such sports and recreation items are handled by care like using items as such

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