what stretches, exercises diet supps will strengthen ankle foot tendons ligaments please.

 i experience terrible ankle pain when  on my feet long or after  long  walks.

Any information or suggestions are welcome 

whats everything i can look at to solve this as i fear doing permanent damage. Does anyone know anyone who had permanent damage too ankles just frm being too heavy forthemi think thats the main problem but i can still learn about stretches, diet suplements and  exercises to strengthen the feet and ankles. any information about stretches, diet suplements and  exercises to strengthen the feet and ankles  would be appreciated.

should i see a podiatrist or a physio or who could help me the most which professional would be the absolute most helpful. will help help much

i once had orthotics made but found them very uncomfortable so never wore them

i fear doing permanent damage and the pain is terrible. I dont know if i have to just stop being on my feet much till i  lose weight and strengthen the ankles more through exercises, diet, supps.

any suggestions are welcome please.



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    losing weight would be one of the first things i would concentrate on. it's hard to exercise, stretch, and especially walk, when you are over weight. are you on a particular diet? i think an appointment with a podiatrist would help you they most as they will be able to tell you if there is any nerve damage. only your doctor can recommend the right supplements and exercises as they know you best.

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