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Mysterious Lower Leg Pain

Hi! I'm new here but am looking for ANY advice. Here is my story: 

- I've always been an avid runner all through high school and college with shin splints on and off but nothing that some ice and rest couldn't fix, a few years after college I started to get worse pain and would run only occasionally. Never more than 3 miles at 9 min mile pace. Eventually started just doing circuit training, HIIT workouts, AMT and cycling for my main cardio but ended up going on a run on a dirt path around thanksgiving 2017 for 3 miles, around 26 min total. I don't remember too much pain during the run but the next day I literally could not walk. After this I stopped running completely but noticed pain seeping into my regular workouts.

- As of lately, I feel a weird burning/hot/acid almost sensation pretty much whenever I use my legs. Stairs, Squats, one legged yoga poses, burpees, AMT, biking, even rowing machine it all hurts. Usually pain begins a few minutes into workout and continues until I stop. For example a heavy hill on a spin bike sitting will HURT. I usually push through for that interval and then remove resistance and stand up until the sensation lessens. Pain also tends to radiate on and off for about 48 hours after the exercise as (as in I will be watching TV sitting down and feel this weird radiating pain).

- Assuming this was shin splints, I went to PT (intense massage, foam rolling and some daily hip strengthers/stretching) 2x a week for five weeks. During the five week period I did Yoga and Pilates only with no other forms of exercise. They both still hurt pretty badly - flexing my feet in pilates, squats and one leg yoga poses especially and would again leave that radiating pain for days. When after 5 weeks I was experiencing no relief from the Physical Therapy I kinda gave up and went back to my usual routine with the idea/hope that maybe it was chronic exertion compartment syndrome. 

- I've now had X-RAY, MRI, Compartment Testing with no answers or results. I've also tried Prolotherapy, taking time off exercise, foam rolling, PT, Ice/Heat one of it seems to work. I haven't ran since thanksgiving (8 months ago) which makes me very sad and I'm extremely frustrated when I can't push myself on the bike or in a circuit class because of this burning/shooting pain in my shins.Its like my body and mind are ready to go and my lower legs refuse to let me. Thing that I should be feeling in my abs, glutes or quads don't work because I can't seem to get past the shin pain to the point where I am able to work those other parts! I've been exercising my entire life so this is crazy annoying to me and I'm starting to worry its all in my head (Which seems weird because after 26 years of regular exercise - WHY NOW?)

- For reference pain is equal in both legs, in the front lower and full outside of the leg so sort of a shin/calf combo. 

- My doctor has now recommended acupuncture but I'm feeling frustrated to tears with no diagnosis. I'll give it a shot but if ANYONE out there has any ideas I would love any info you could provide. Sorry for the long post but this has been a long journey and I wanted to include all the details. Thank you to all :) 

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