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Adductor Pain Only When Contracting

Hi everyone, I'm new here so greetings first of all. My name is Miguel and I have been a Chinese martial arts athlete and instructor for 30 years. I am still training very actively and recently I have been running 30 mins twice a week and doing daily 1-2 hours training of shadow boxing and forms. I also do some resistance weight training twice a week. I rest generally one day a week.

As part of my adductor strengthening/flexibility exercises I've been doing for decades, I lie on my back and do 100 repetitions of leg openings such as in this photo, but without any weights:


A couple of months ago while doing this my right groin hurt a bit while closing from a fully open position. I mean, I opened the legs and when I started the closing motion, it hurt a bit in my right groin. I was in my 20th rep or so and I kept doing them till 100 and it never hurt again. But since that day, my right adductor hurts a bit when contracting or doing eccentric strength. But what seems strange is that it never hurts when stretching passively.

So, if I'm sitting down and push my knees against each other, my right inner thigh hurts a bit. Also when I do lunges, when my right leg is supporting the weight and I get up it sometimes hurts in the groin... Other times it doesn't. But if I do all sorts of kicking, high or low, it doesn't seem to hurt. If I do passive stretching like sitting down and spreading both legs as far as I can, it also doesn't hurt a thing.

What could this be? If I had a micro-tear, wouldn't it hurt while stretching the muscle? Can this be some kind of tendon inflammation? The pain goes from the groin to half way my thigh. It sometimes seems to be in the middle of the thigh, other times in the groin. Since the pain started like 2 months ago, is there any point of using ice at this point? Should I start strengthening exercises or just rest?

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Mikungfu

    Welcome to the forum!  There's no one here that can give you a diagnosis, only a doctor can do that.  Have you been to a doctor to discuss?  They can look with ultrasound or MRI to see what is causing the pain, and then suggest a treatment course to get it back to good.  Again, welcome to the forum, i hope some other members with more experience with this kind of thing will also chip in soon. 

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