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Torn ACL injury

Around 3 months ago I had a trampoline accident which left me with bruising on the bone and a complete torn ACL (MRI confirmed) my consultant has sent me for 3 months worth of physio to see if I can build the muscle up around my knee to compensate for the lost ACL. However my physio has told me 90% of people end up having the ACL reconstruction surgery under 30 (I’m 28) and also that it’s totally my decision if I want to go ahead with the surgery. 

I know it’s early days still, my knee feels quite unstable and easily gives way, often aches quite a bit, I’ve also lost a bit of bend so I’m unable to crouch down but I don’t seem to have any trouble with normal walking just stairs can be a bit tricky sometimes. I want to be able to work out in the gym and not worry about my knee giving way. 

Has anyone had a torn ACL, not had the surgery and been able to carry on as normal? 

I’m very much in two minds of what to do. Any advice/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. 



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    i personally have never had this injury so i'm going to be a big help. but if you will look at the latest discussions on the forum there are a couple of discussions regarding torn acls that you can read while waiting on other members to reply.
    you can also go to the top of the page and click on sports injuries for more information.

    take care and please keep us posted.

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