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Hi everyone, 

3 years ago (2016), I fell off a counter whilst reaching for something in a cupboard and landed straight on my back, knocking my leg on the way down (and knocking my head on the floor making me pass out for a couple of minutes!!). Since then, I have been in a lot of pain in my lower back. I went for an MRI 2 years ago and the results came back with 'minor degenerative changes. And also; L4-L5 moderate facet hypertrophy and diffuse bulge seen causing minimal thecal impingement'. The doctor wasn't helpful and told me that the pain should wear off by itself. 3 years after the fall, I am still in a lot of pain - some days are good, some bad. It is STILL painful to touch the area and it sometimes is so painful I can't walk properly.

I use to train a lot even with the bad back - some times I can train intensively for about 2 months without too much aggro, but the past 2 months or so have been an absolute nightmare and I am struggling quite a lot and haven't been able to do anything. And I have a snowboarding trip booked at the beginning of Feb!!! 

Can anyone recommend strengthening/ training/  stretches to finally heal?

Really appreciate all comments/ advice.

Thank you!!



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    Since it has been 3 years and you are still in pain, have you thought about getting a second opinion and a new MRI? It would be best to get a plan for exercises/strengthening/training from your doctor. By Forum rules we cannot give out any advice on exercises.
    You could also look on our sister site,, which deals only with spine issues. 
    Take care and keep us posted.

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    We really can not provide any medical advice, recommendations on exercises, diets or supplements to take.  We can only post based on personal opinions.    That being said, we always also tell members what might work for someone could cause problems for another.  The only advice you can consider formal is from your doctors.

    As Sandra stated, there are many members who have gone through or been in situations like you on Spine-Health.  That site is dedicated to dealing with spine related issues.

    Living in pain for over 3 years without any real corrective actions just doesnt sound round.  But I am sure what makes your situation more difficult to diagnose is the fact that it seems to come and go in terms of how much of an impact it has on you.

    Having multiple disc problems over the years, I can say that there never was any pain in one area as you stated when you touch a given spot.  I would see another doctor (orthopedic, or spine specialist) , they will probably do a clinical examination to see if any further diagnostic tests should  be done.

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