Advice please: Post-opp (microdisec) and pain ricocheting

I had a microdesctomy on my L4L5 two weeks ago today. And I now feel worse than I did pre-surgery which is making me so sad. 

Pain is at about a 4 or 5 now when it was maybe a 2 or 3 before. I'm feeling it down my right side - butt, outside of foot, calf and shin. And then I also feel it in the outside of my hand. They tell me that can't be connected, but it totally is my indicator of inflammation. 

My doctor, who happens to be on vacation with his family in Tahiti, told me post-opp the procedure was a success. Yet sciatic pain remained a few days after and he gave me a Medrol Dose pack. Last Friday that appeared to have worked. I took my first car ride out, went for a bit of a walk, out to Thai food for lunch etc. I felt it some on Sunday, but I still went for about a 2 mile walk. Perhaps that's what did me in? 

All I know is now I'm waking up with pain in the night and I was not before (that's why I'm writing this in the pre-dawn hours). I'm trying not to panic but I'm failing. I feel a bit ashamed that I'm getting worse, and so frustrated and scared. Doe anyone have 1) a positive story where something similar happened but you turned out okay in the end 2) Advice for drugs to ask my doctor for? 

Thank you!!! 



  • hello daniela-ouch!

    personally, i think you did too much too quick. you only had surgery 2 weeks ago. and, after you took the medrol dose you felt so much better and decided to get out. remember to pace yourself, a little bit every day. it takes time to heal and you need to do this the correct way so you don't have this problem down the road.

    walking is good but bending, lifting and twisting isn't. you've only got 1 spine, take care of it.

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  • dilaurodilauro New Milford, CT 06776Posts: 34
    you are still fresh out of surgery. please read recovery , the most important phase
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  • Daniela-ouch

    I wanted to check in on you to see how things were going.
    I know it's been about 5 weeks since your surgery and really hope your recovery has gotten better.
    Hang in there, it just takes time.
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