Ongoing quad numbness/weakness on stairs and IT Band Pain after one minor workout

Hello everyone,

First off THANKS so much for listening/reading. I’m looking
for ANY feedback or advice or shared experiences I can get. I am a 35 year old
female who suffers from chronic neck pain, migraines and a weird leg
numbness/weakness that nobody has been able to figure out yet.

When I was about 17 during a summer basketball game I took a
kneecap to the side of my knee, right on the bone area, and immediately I
couldn’t walk as I couldn’t put any weight on my left knee without being in excruciating
pain. The trainer at the tournament took a look at me and said that more than
likely it was probably my IT band and some tendinitis from playing so much ball
and being a multisport athlete. So I took it easy and was on crutches for about
a week and then slowly started feeling better but honestly things have never
been the same.

The following fall during Volleyball season my knee and
actually both quadriceps really started to bug me but the pain was so hard to
explain, it was the worst with repetitive motions like wall jumps, stair
stepping, blocking drills, wall sits, my legs would tire almost immediately and
get heavy turning into a buring/numbing paining. I would also at times still
get sharp pain on the outside of my left knee. So I started going to therapy
and they had me get an MRI which found nothing, ruled it as overuse/tendonitis.
Played through the pain the rest of the school but most days as a high school catcher
I had a hard time squatting but loved the position too much to give it up.

Moving on to college the symptoms kept progressing and
getting worse, most days after a hard practice or game I would have to bike all
of practice because I could barely walk. We tried PT, with much concentration
on muscle imbalance, wore a protonics knee brace for a while trying to get my
hamstrings to fire more and strong. Our head trainer trying ultrasound on me
but simply nothing ever helped and I just gave up and gave my team what I
could. It was a very depressing time, or should I say that’s when life started
to really get me down….

Fast Forward, I’ve been out of college 14 years, I can’t
tell you how much $ I’ve spent and how many dang doctors I’ve seen and still no
answers. I seem to have finally gotten somewhere with my migraines and slightly
better on my neck pain and now I’m trying to focus on my legs so I can be
active again. My leg issues only seem to really happen on stairs and when squatting, or anything involving an incline. So I'm seeing a new, I believe my 4th Neuro about my leg numbness/weakness, hopefully he's the one that finally figures this out. He ordered bloodwork looking for any autoimmune diseases, nothing found. Then ordered and EMG and Nerve Conduction which was my 2nd and this one didn't find anything either. I also recently had a lumbar MRI done that showed nothing, and have had a claudication test done in the past that came back normal as well. Now I wait until April to see what's next. 

So two nights ago I decided to ease into things again and
walked 1 mile on the treadmill before running ¼ mile and yesterday as I’m walking
into work I start getting excruciating pain on the outside of my knee very
similar to the pain that started all of this when I was 17, at least from what I
can remember it feeling like. I work quite a bit for my job and I can barely
make it anywhere and stairs are horrible. I have a feeling it’s my IT band as
the paint is the sharpest on the outside of my knee but it definitely radiates
up to the hip area, BUT I just don’t see how after one relatively minor workout
could do this.


Anyway have any similar experience with either the leg
symptoms I’ve been dealing with for years or debilitating pain after an easy
workout? Trying to figure out if I need to get checked out. I’ve been
stretching it, icing it and trying to foam roll it as much as possible but it’s
so dang painful.



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    my first questions would have been, had you had any diagnostic testing, but i see you have. if you are in that much pain i would suggest seeing a sports specialist, especially after dealing with this for so many years. you are trying to guess what could be wrong so just get it checked out.

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    keep us updated on what you find out.

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