Persistent partially torn plantar fascia

 I started getting heal pain 1 year ago when I was straining for a 10 mile run. I was initially told by health care professionals that it was a stress fracture in my heal bone and to just leave it heal. For 6 months I stopped running and resting my heal. The pain would come and go, and I finally decided to come back. I got an MRI and it showed a 3mm partial tear. I was put in a cam boot for 6 weeks, and it did not help. I was then made a custom AFO and this also did not help. I am now 1 week into wearing a hard cast and my pain is still there. Do you have any suggestions that would help me? I have been off my feet as much as possible, trying to rest my foot. I am very frustrated with the length of my injury.  Any help would be much appreciated. 



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    since i have never had a torn plantar fascia, i am not able to give you advice based on experience. but going through our vast library of articles, below is a link that may help you out. invasive-treatment

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    I haven't personally had plantar fasciitis but someone close to me has. With his experience, stretching and orthotics made the pain worse, which is what is usually recommended. He tried massaging the area and would do light movements as to not aggravate it anymore. Keep in mind that wearing anything that is stretching could cause more injury, in the mindset of if something is already damage the more you move it or stretch it the more damaged it gets. He could barely walk for months, had tried cortisone shots but that only helped for a couple weeks. We found this emr device online that helped with stimulating blood flow to an area to help repair it. He was quite hesitant in purchasing it but it really helped him in the end. If you're looking to heal the area, and not wanting to go the surgery route, I would suggest finding ways to stimulate blood flow to the area as it will help repair soft tissue damage. Also keep in mind to do cold while in pain. If your pain is really bad in the morning, but goes away for the most part after(let's say going to the washroom), start doing something to help stimulate blood flow to the area. Hope that little bit helps:) 

    Ps. Just noticed this post is from March, hope you found something to help!

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