The Purpose of

This new and fast growing website is independently owned and operated by Veritas Health LLC (founders of, the world's largest spine website with over 6,000,000 monthly unique visitors). While we accept advertising dollars to help fund the site's growth, we do not allow these entities to influence the editorial content or the doctors with whom we choose to work. Our goal is to build to fill a void in the market – that is, to create a website that has comprehensive, in-depth, objective, peer-reviewed, patient-friendly content that is optimized to reach as many people as possible suffering from sports injuries and other related conditions.

As part of our mission, we want to connect sports related injury sufferers with a full range of quality medical professionals who can help patients manage their conditions and continue to lead active, fulfilling lives.

Medical Professionals Partnering with

Medical professionals who treat sports injuries and other sports related problems are partnering with Sports-health in several important ways:

  • Using Sports-health as a resource for educating your patients. Patients need help navigating the sea of medical information about sports injuries and sports related conditions available on the Internet. They don't always know which information sources are accurate or go into enough depth. Help them by guiding them to sports information that you trust, such as the peer-reviewed articles, videos and other resources available on Sports-health. Ways to use Sports-health to educate your patients:
    • Give them our main URL –
    • Give them specific terms to research
    • Once you've had a chance to review our content, write down specific article and video URLs relevant for that patient
    • Have the patient watch relevant videos while they are in your office – in the exam room, waiting area or other location where you have internet access
    • Link to or to specific articles from your practice website's patient education/resources section
    • Print out relevant articles that patients can read in your office or take home [Restricted: must be a Sports-health marketing member to do this]
  • Collaborating with us on producing and authoring new content for Sports-health. As a new health website, we have many topics to cover about sports injuries and sports related conditions to comprehensively address our visitor base. We are carefully creating original, well-researched, peer-reviewed and patient-friendly articles and videos – which takes collaboration with experts like you. If you are interested in becoming a published author on
    • Let us know what topics you are interested in writing (or being videotaped) about. If you have published elsewhere, send us the links or titles.
    • If you are open to topics that we have already prioritized, we will share that list with you
    • We will send you our article/video guidelines and publication process steps. Our team can do much of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Marketing yourself, and the rest of your practice if applicable, on Sports-health to generate new patient cases. It might be if you want to:
    • Enhance your reputation as an expert in key condition and treatment areas related to sports injuries and other sports related conditions
    • Market your experts to prospective patients in your select geographic markets who are already researching treatment options
    • Beat your competition in sports/orthopedics/sports medicine
    • Get in on the ground floor of our new doctor program and enjoy preferred status and attractive pricing
    • Achieve a measurable ROI for your investment
    • Our online marketing programs include full page profiles for your group and each physician, priority placement in search, geo-targeted banner ads and more – all designed to 1) showcase why your doctors are the best choice for treatment for patients in your target geographic areas and 2) give interested patients the information and tools they need to connect with you. Our rates are competitive – and special incentives are available for the first doctors who join in each state. Contact us for a brief program demo.

If one or more of these partner opportunities interests you, please complete the interest form to be contacted by an Sports-health team member or call 847-607-8577 to be immediately connected.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing ways we can support your practice growth and better educate the world about sports injuries.