Many people experience plantar fasciitis at least one point in their lives. The pain is usually linked to long periods of complete rest or intense activity.

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    Heel pain. A sharp pain at the inside of the heel (just behind the arch of the foot) is a hallmark of plantar fascia.

    Pain after prolonged rest. The pain may be noticeable getting out of bed, when the foot has been at rest for several hours. Walking and standing a short while usually elongates the plantar fascia causing the heel pain to lessen or go away.

    Pain after prolonged activity. Just as prolonged rest can cause the fascia to tighten, prolonged activity can strain the fascia and cause it to weaken, resulting in pain.

    Heel tenderness. Pressing the bottom of the heel is painful.

Pain is usually felt in just one foot, but occasionally patients have plantar fasciitis pain in both feet.

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