Let’s do the kneeling hip flexor stretch.

For this stretch, it’s helpful to have a mat or a soft surface available to protect your knees.

We’ll start by coming up onto both knees and then stepping the right foot forward so your foot is flat on the ground. Make sure that your hips are even here and you’re not pouring weight too far into one side or the other.

Take both hands to the top of the right thigh and shift your upper body forward until you start to feel a stretch on the front of the left hip flexor.

Now, if you’re here and you’re not feeling much of a stretch, you can step the front foot forward a little bit more, but be sure not to take the right knee further than the toes.

Hug in the low belly here to help with stability.

And we’ll switch out our legs. So step the right foot back carefully and walk the left foot forward. Again bringing the hands to the top of the thigh and leaning forward as far as you’re comfortable without taking the knee past the toes.

Contract the abdominals here to help with balance and stability. Make sure you’re breathing slowly and steadily. And we’ll hold for about 10 more seconds.

You’ll do each side 3 times for 20 seconds each.

All right, we’ll come out of this carefully. And, that was the kneeling hip flexor stretch.