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All About Ankle Sprains and Strains

Ankle strains and sprains are common injuries. This article reviews what you need to know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.
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What to Do When a Wrist Injury Occurs

For most wrist injuries, nonsurgical treatments like immobilization, ice therapy, and elevation can be used within the first 24-48 hours until a doctor can be seen.

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Concussion Symptoms

The symptoms of concussion can be divided into four categories: thinking and remembering; physical; emotional and mood; and sleep.
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Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment recommendations vary greatly among physicians. Athletes may consider seeking second opinions and/or a treatment protocol from physical therapists or athletic trainers.
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3 Types of Snapping Hip Syndrome

There are three ways snapping hip can originate. Each type of snapping hip, while typically harmless, may lead to pain and joint damage for some athletes.

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Wrist tendonitis and sprains are common injuries of the wrist. While both conditions may be similar in many ways, there are also several differences that are seen.