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Hip pain is typically resolved with nonsurgical treatments; however, some people may need surgery. Hip surgery is almost always elective and requires discussion with a health care provider.

Sometimes more than one procedure will be done during surgery for hip pain. Understanding these procedures before surgery can help alleviate stress and confusion.

Light exercise is encouraged to relieve hip flexor pain. There are several exercises recommended to stretch, strengthen, and reduce hip pain.

Some stretches and exercises are specifically designed to target the hip flexors and can help relieve pain and also strengthen the area.

When a hip labral tear cannot be fixed with traditional surgery, doctors may recommend a newer procedure called hip labral reconstruction.

Hip flexor pain is a common complaint that can usually be treated with some of the of low-risk treatments described in this article.

Because labral tears do not heal easily, surgery may be recommended as a treatment. Learn what types of surgery are available to treat a hip labral tear and what occurs during the different procedures.