The foot and ankle work together to provide support and mobility. All types of athletes are at risk of sustaining foot or ankle injuries or developing an ongoing condition. Injuries to the foot or ankle while being active are common. Learn more about the symptoms, risks, and treatments for common foot and ankle sports injuries below.
Ankle strains and sprains are common injuries. This article reviews what you need to know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.
Stress fractures are small, microscopic cracks in bone that commonly occur in the feet. Foot stress fractures are often caused by overuse injuries in sports, such as soccer or dance.
There are many different muscles and ligaments in the ankle that may be affected by strains and sprains. Learn more about the ankle's strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
The diagnostic process for an ankle strain or sprain usually involves a physical exam and grading according to severity. Learn each grade and what the diagnostic process entails.
Many ankle sprains and strains heal on their own within four to six weeks, but what treatment options are available? Learn what precautions should be taken during recovery.
Anyone can sustain a foot stress fracture, however certain risk factors, such as participation in certain sports or having previously had a stress fracture, increase the likelihood of the injury occurring.