The knee is complex and susceptible to many types of injuries—especially in athletes. The body's largest joint, the knee can receive fractures, sprains, tears, dislocations, and other injuries if athletes do not engage in proper form and technique or do not wear the correct equipment for their sport. Knowing what knee injuries you are at risk for in your sport of choice is an important part of protecting yourself.
A common source of injuries for athletes, the knee is a pivotal hinge joint and the largest joint in the body.
Injuries to the knee are common for athletes. Learn which knee injuries are most common, and what other conditions may occur due to use or aging.
Learn about a knee meniscus tear, one of the most common causes of knee pain, in this physician reviewed video.
Knee surgery for a torn meniscus is an elective procedure that a doctor may recommend to patients who have knee pain, decreased range of motion, or damaged knee ligaments from a meniscus tear.

Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) tears are often seen in sports such as football and hockey, and are usually the result of a direct blow to the knee or quickly changing direction on one foot.

Meniscal tears have surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. Learn the treatment options and indications for each.