Should You Worry About a Stinger Injury?

When a nerve bundle in the neck is injured, it can cause an intense burning pain down the arm—a stinger.

Knee Hyperextension: When the Knee Bends Too Far

When the knee is forced beyond its normal range, this knee hyperextension can cause injuries like a torn ACL.

Are Snapping Hips a Cause for Concern?

Snapping hip syndrome causes snapping or popping of the hip joints, but whether or not it causes pain can vary.

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If you’re a runner, there are several knee problems that you may be at risk for. But contrary to popular fear, arthritis may not be one of them.

Signs of a Dislocated Kneecap

The kneecap, or patella, can be dislocated by a blow to the front of the knee. Learn the symptoms that can point to this injury.

PRP Injections Offer Relief for Tendon Injuries

When a tendon injury is causing daily pain or not responding to other treatments, PRP therapy may be a good option.

How Age Affects Your Risk for a Meniscus Tear

The knee’s meniscus is a thick layer of cartilage that can be injured and tear. Learn about the main causes of meniscus tears and how they change as we age.

Is Your Knee Pain Caused by Jumper’s Knee?

A common tendon injury in the knee, jumper’s knee, can affect people who play sports with repetitive jumping, running, or quick stopping and turning.