Concussions May Raise Risk for Lower Limb Injuries

A new study finds that athletes are at increased risk for a lower extremity injury following concussion, possibly because of lingering neurological issues.

New Study: Heading Is Not the Main Cause of Youth Soccer Concussions

Many people have proposed a ban of heading in youth soccer to protect kids from concussions, but a new study reveals the greatest cause of concussion for young soccer players is collisions, not headings.

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Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work?

Many of the touted benefits of kinesiology tape have not been supported by research, particularly claims about long-term pain alleviation or improved strength or range of motion.

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Kids Need Recovery Time After a Concussion

For children who suffer a concussion, brain rest is an important measure to help their recovery occur quickly and safely.

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The rotator cuff enables the shoulder's incredible range of motion, but is susceptible to injury through 3 main means. Learn what they are and what the signs of rotator cuff injuries are.