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Causes of hip pain are typically diagnosed with the help of imaging tests. Learn the differences between X-rays, MRIs, and arthrograms.

Hamstring tears often occur during athletic activities due to sudden, forceful movements, leading to injury and pain.

People who participate in intense physical training, such as runners, cyclists, and military recruits, are most susceptible to IT band syndrome. They may notice a sharp pain that comes and goes at the outside of the knee. Over time, the pain may become more pronounced.

A doctor can usually diagnose IT band syndrome after a patient interview and physical examination.

IT band problems typically cause sharp knee pain that is concentrated in one location at the outside of the knee. The pain may be mild at first and become more noticeable over time.

Labral tears are a common injury for athletes. Learn the symptoms of and treatments available for athletic labral tear injuries.

Preventing hamstring tears involves proper warm-up, stretching, strength training, and gradual progression in athletic activities.