Hi. I'm Natalie. And today, Veritas Health is going to show you the gait stretch to help prevent hip and groin pain. To do this stretch, you'll start with your feet about hip width apart. You'll then shift your weight to one side, and lift your knee up and away from your body.

You'll then bring your knee back in towards your body like you're opening and closing a gate. I'm going to do this 10 times on each side.

You can then switch to the other side. If this stretch causes any pain or worsens your symptoms, please stop and consult with your medical provider.

If it is hard to balance on one leg, you can modify this by having a hand on a chair or a wall for some balance.

You can work up to performing two to three sets of 10 on each side of this stretch. To learn more about how to prevent hip and groin pain, please visit us at Sports-health and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this. Thank you for watching.

Dr. Natalie Ullrich is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists. She is passionate about treating each individual as a whole.