Hi, I'm Natalie. And today, Veritas Health is going to show you a lateral lunge stretch for hip pain relief. This stretch is great for anyone who's sitting at a desk a lot or has tight hips or wants to help improve the strength and mobility of their hips.

To do this exercise, you start by standing with your feet about hip width apart. Then take a step to the side, hinge forward at the hips, and bend at the knee into a lateral lunge. You only need to hold the position for about a second, but you'll probably feel the muscles on the outside of your hip working and the muscles on the inside of your leg being stretched.

I'm going to have you go through 10 of these on each side, and you work your way up performing three to four sets of this exercise. If this exercise worsens your symptoms or causes any new pain, it's important to stop and consult with your medical provider.

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Dr. Natalie Ullrich is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists. She is passionate about treating each individual as a whole.