3 Ways to Stay Sane When an Injury Puts Running on Hold

Running injury
When running is your passion, getting hurt can leave you at loose ends, leading to social isolation, anxiety, and depression. Find out how experienced runners handle this challenge.

Don’t Miss the Signs of a Stress Fracture

Image of woman sitting on pavement with her shoe and sock off holding her ankle in pain
A stress fracture is a serious injury, but its symptoms can be subtle and hard to detect. Learn what to watch for when it comes to injury.

When Heel Pain Is Caused by Bone Spurs

Image of a foot with heel pain
There are two types of bone spurs that can develop on the heel. Learn what causes them and where they trigger pain.

Should You Have Knee Meniscus Repair Surgery?

Illustration instrumentation used during a meniscal repair surgery being inserted into the knee
If you have a torn meniscus, there are 4 main factors that you and your doctor can use to decide if surgical repair is right for you.

3 Useful Tips for Icing Your Injury

Image of  bag of ice on wrapped foot.
Cold therapy can help alleviate pain from many types of sports injuries—but it is important to know how to properly apply it.

Plantar Fasciitis: A Treatment Guide

image of runners running across a bridge
Even though the pain of plantar fasciitis often resolves on its own, there are treatments you can use to ease pain and speed recovery.

Common Winter Sports Injuries

winter sports injuries
Winter is a great time for sports like skiing and sledding, but it's important to know what injuries can occur when playing them, and how you prevent them.

5 Labrum Tear Symptoms You Need to Know

labral tear symptoms
These are the labrum tear symptoms you need to know about.

Sleeping With Rotator Cuff Pain

Image of watching television on the bed
A rotator cuff injury can cause pain that makes getting sleep difficult. Here are a few tricks to help you sleep comfortably with your injured rotator cuff.

5 Things You Need to Know if You Have Frozen Shoulder

Medical illustration of a comparison between a normal shoulder joint and a shoulder joint with adhesive capsulitis
Keep these five things in mind if you have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder.