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Plantar Fasciitis: A Treatment Guide

Even though the pain of plantar fasciitis often resolves on its own, there are treatments you can use to ease pain and speed recovery.

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Common Winter Sports Injuries

Winter is a great time for sports like skiing and sledding, but it's important to know what injuries can occur when playing them, and how you prevent them.

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5 Labrum Tear Symptoms You Need to Know

These are the labrum tear symptoms you need to know about.

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5 Things You Need to Know if You Have Frozen Shoulder

Keep these five things in mind if you have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder.

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Is My Shoulder Pain Caused by a Neck Injury?

An injured nerve in your cervical spine (neck) can produce symptoms of shoulder pain, weakness, and numbness.

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15 Must-Haves After Shoulder Surgery

Here are 15 must-have items for your upcoming shoulder surgery.

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6 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Pain

Listening to your body and being proactive about addressing even the smallest signs of shoulder pain can help to prevent further shoulder damage down the road.

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How to Avoid Shoulder Pain at Work

Clocking hours each day in front of your computer may be the reason for your shoulder pain. Here’s how you can overcome it.

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5 Reasons Why You May Have a Stiff or Painful Shoulder

What may be causing the limited mobility in your shoulder?

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Treadmill Workouts: What Runners Need to Know

Treadmills are a good option when the weather makes running outside unpleasant or downright dangerous. Learn what to watch for to keep your routine fresh and challenging.

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