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Damaged cartilage cannot grow back, so treating it necessitates regenerative treatments or surgery to facilitate regrowth and restoration of the cartilage.

Shoulder instability results from the complete or partial dislocation of the upper arm bone from the shoulder joint due to trauma, overuse, or growth abnormalities.

Running can flare up sciatica and cause the underlying condition to become worse. Taking specific precautions makes running safer in individuals with sciatica.

Properly taping your ankle injury makes a difference in recovery time and the likelihood of further injury. Make sure you’re taking these steps when taping an ankle injury.

An ACL tear doesn't have to spell the end to your favorite sport or activity. Here's how to choose which of the 3 common ACL grafts may be right for you.

SLAP tears are a type of debilitating shoulder injury common in overhead-throwing athletes. This injury typically takes 3 to 9 months to heal fully.